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Post Office Box #6646
Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: 202.570.4270
Fax: 443.458.0481
Email: linda@ljkempin.com

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We’re here to help if you’re facing any of these challenges…

— Expanding Small to Medium-sized Business (SMBs):
For companies in Launch, Spin-Off, Expansion, Acquisition and/or VC Funding Mode

Transitioning from Your Current or Recent Job/ Changing Careers:
For Executives & Management Level Job-Seekers

Preparing  Your Company’s Principals, Key Talent & Subject-Matter Experts: For critical presentations, media appearances, financial pitches, difficult audiences

Handling Sensitive Developments Surrounding Your Company, Your Products and/or Your People: For Crisis Communications Responses that Require Expertise, Discretion & Diplomacy

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