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For Executives & Their Businesses

Short on Time/$$ to Build Your Website?

Start-ups, spin-offs, and new product launches typically need “a new website yesterday”.

When timing and/or resources aren’t available, LinkedIn’s company pages provide a powerful solution. In addition to getting you on Google quickly, they also offer engagement with Followers,  client testimonials and “blogging” opportunities.

Ready, Set, Go!

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Are You Hiding Your Talent in Plain Sight?

Can recruiters and hiring managers find you on LinkedIn when they need your expertise but don’t know your name?

Since over 2 -1/2 million other people have LinkedIn profiles, you still may be “hiding your talent in plain sight”®. We offer training programs as well as affordable individual sessions and company-wide engagements, scaled to your needs.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can pull you out of the weeds and out in the forefront for your skills and expertise.

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Is Your Leadership Team Ready for Media Interviews or Board Room Presentations?

Each of you is passionate about what you do, but your upcoming interviews to launch a new product, announce your latest tech breakthrough or secure much-needed venture capital funding are making for some lost sleep.

You’ll be amazed at what we can do in just 1-2 days—and how confident you’ll all feel.

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What They're Saying


Linda's well-honed management and interpersonal skills are evident in every aspect of her project performance. A great communicator, Linda demonstrates strong functional and technical skills as well as a talent for developing highly effective teams. She does all of this with a charismatic mixture of intelligence, competence and energy - an unbeatable method for winning client confidence and respect.

Amy Pinkerton • Coordinator, Ernst & Young


Linda is very client focused and able to quickly identify client issues and needs to formulate a 'dead-on' solution for the situation. I was also impressed with Linda's ongoing follow-up and ability to effectively manage details and next steps. She's a great partner and I enjoy working with her.

Seth Dunbar • Director of Sales, Ernst & Young


Linda is a consummate professional with consistent dedication to client satisfaction and quality. She's a solid team player and excels at building solid client and colleague relationships.

William Arnone • Partner & Practice Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

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The best part about Linda is that she works very hard at creating a partnership as a consultant with you and your organization. She is a true member of the team and is always there whenever you need her.

Albert Ganter • New York Stock Exchange


Linda is a top-notch professional, a noted expert in her field. She's a leader and makes a positive contribution to all she works with. Her knowledge and insights are fantastic and her reputation is the best in the industry.

Mary Anne Burke • Managing Director, FERGUSON & BURKE


Linda and I worked together on women's initiatives at Ernst & Young. She was visionary in her ideas for our events and interactions with clients. She was a natural leader in our committees and could be counted on to make the initiative a success.

Shelly Hester Hemler • Senior Manager, Ernst & Young


Linda is very well connected within the business community. Her professionalism, prompt follow-up and sincere willingness to serve were very much appreciated.

Frank Edwards • Principal, Wye River Strategies


Linda is such a pleasure to work with, she's highly creative, multi-talented and fun to be around. Her gut hunches in the area of PR and marketing are uncannily accurate and insightful; she just 'gets' where people are, what they need, and how to reach them. I've seen her network her way into whole new territory, starting from scratch; she can create a tiny opening and transform it into a major opportunity. Linda's enthusiasm for innovative networking and connecting people with the just the right resources is refreshing, you really feel taken care of when she's in the room with you. She's helped me a several levels . . . with public relations, networking and an advertising campaign, which opened my eyes to a new way of moving my business forward and getting the word out. I am so impressed with her! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Anthony Spadafore • Director, Co-Author & Senior Career Consultant – Pathfinders Career Design


Linda's depth of knowledge and love of communications has made her one of the most effective PR/marketing people I know. Not only does she "get what she's talking about;" she holds all around her accountable to walking the talk. Her high level of integrity helps her to inspire others to be their best. Thank you, Linda, for being a role model and mentor to me!

Rebecca Booth • Director of Advertising & Public Information, The College of Saint Rose

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Linda has an eye for detail and a well-spoken presence, particularly in innovative areas that haven't yet achieved the benefit of credibility or understanding that comes from product maturity. That takes analysis, the occasional leap of faith, and a bit of looking into the future.

Don Spano CPA • Senior VP, City National Bank


Linda created the Facebook fan page and helped recruit financial institution partners for our 2010 Roll in the Dough Campaign. Her positive attitude and can-do spirit contributed to the campaign's success. We collectively "saved" (generated new savings) of over $7 million in two weeks even in a challenging economy.

Joan Lok • Committee Chair, “Roll in the Dough” Savings Campaign


While we're waiting for the overall SEO improvements to deliver the end of this month, I can tell you that almost immediately our Paid Search [PPC Campaigns]—without any change to it—bumped instantly. We saw a 10% increase in visits and a 75% increase in revenue in the first 30 days, all attributed to an improved organic presence.

Gretchen Howell • Vice President, Marketing – Taigan


Linda Kempin’s LinkedIn consulting services are really cost-justifiable and worthy of attention for small technology companies, service firms, integrators, lawyers, hedge fund and private equity principals. Most companies don’t even make sure their employees add their current employer to their LinkedIn profile, and tolerate something that looks like a bad resume. Linda helps you express the problems you solve, your domain expertise, passions, etc. – what people respond to when looking for help.

Steven Mount • Entrepreneur & Founder, Plan B 4 Sales